ACZ Laboratories, Inc. is a full service analytical environmental testing laboratory with inorganic, organic, radiochemistry, geochemistry and specialty testing capabilities. We believe that performing complete analytical suites in one location ensures data integrity, sample security, prompt turnaround times and a higher level of customer service. ACZ analyzes many matrices including: drinking water, surface water, ground water, wastewater, soil, mine tailings, overburden, sludge, plant and biota tissue.

ACZ Laboratories, Inc. full service capabilities include:

  • Inorganic Analysis: ICP-MS in a Class 100 Cleanroom, ICP, CVAFS, CVAA, IC, and HGAA Trace Metals Analysis, Cations/Anions, Nutrients
  • Organic Analysis: GC, GC-MS, HPLP: VOA, Semi-VOA, BTEX, PCB & PAH’s
  • Radiochemistry Analysis: Alpha, Beta and Gamma methodologies
  • Geochemistry Analysis: Acid Base Accounting, Column Leach Studies, Sequential Extractions, Agronomic Analysis
  • Specialized Analysis: In Vitro Bioaccessibility of Metals, Metals Speciation, Modified SPLP and Nevada MWME & Modified Sobek

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