Humidity Cell Testing (HCT)

Humidity Weathering Cells HCT, Geochemistry

Since 1980 ACZ has been supporting the global mining industry’s specialized needs; from baseline studies to operational water quality monitoring, plus static and kinetic testing for acid rock drainage prediction (ARD). ACZ Laboratories, Inc. offers Humidity Cell Testing (HCT) via ASTM D5744-13 in a new state-of-the-art laboratory. HCT is designed to simulate in-situ weathering of waste rock and tailings in a controlled laboratory setting. ACZ’s highly experienced staff, quality assurance program, as well as state and national certifications (NELAP) ensure our clients’ data is accurate, defensible and reproducible. All analyses are performed in accordance with globally recognized standards (ISO 17025). Partnering with ACZ is a commitment to quality and a guarantee to personalized service.


  • State of Nevada Certification for Static (ABA) and Kinetic (HCT, MWME) Testing
  • Wider Columns Available for Analysis of Tailings
  • Client Specific Customized Testing
  • Low-level Metals Analysis in a Class 100 Cleanroom
  • All Testing Performed in one 31,000 Sq. Ft. Lab
  • USDA Foreign Soils Permit
  • Monthly Reporting for HCT Progress Evaluations
Humidity Weathering Cells HCT, Geochemistry
Humidity Weathering Cells HCT, Geochemistry ASTM D5744